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Lab Created Gems Genuine Stones

Are lab created gems genuine stones? Gemstones may be treated, simulated, synthetic, genuine, natural or a combination of these terms. You may be confused about shopping for these gems as prices highly vary although the gems at first glance may be very similar.

Natural gemstones are made by Mother Nature. Humans did not have a hand into making them unlike lab created gems. It took years for nature to create one. Lab created gems only takes a few days. The gems have not been changed in any way except for cutting or polishing. When the appearance of the stone is enhanced, the stone is not natural anymore, but genuine. Enhancements are made since consumers may not consider buying them if the look of the gemstones is not improved. This enhancement is achieved by the application of heat or radiation. Color is deepened by diffusion. But, this only is limited within the gem’s outer layer. In the presence of breaks on the surface, oils and waxes fill in the fractures.

Natural stones do not include treated stones, but they are considered genuine. Gemstones that are not treated commonly include moonstone, hematite, garnets, alexandrite and peridot.

Not all natural or genuine stones are valuable. Before you pay a premium price for the gem, be certain first about the characteristics of the gemstone. Prices for gems are commonly affected by the forces of economics. Natural, high quality red gems are rare; thus, are highly in demand like high quality rubies mined from countries with political conflict. Red garnets are ordinary, although also magnificent. They cost a lot less than a ruby of comparable characteristic.

Lab created gems is made in the laboratory. Their physical, chemical and optical qualities are the same as those of a natural stone. Synthetic gemstones of very good quality can be as stunning as natural stones. In the course of developing the technology for lab created gems, synthetic gemstones made recently are now made to appear more natural. Such, an experienced jeweller or gemmologist can identify them. Good quality synthetics are not always inexpensive but they command lesser price than natural stones of like quality. Technically, these synthetics may be called genuine. However, their origin has to be first established. Ask for a lab certificate to verify its authenticity before you pay a high price. gemtv  Do not be deceived when you buy. Find out about this information. Faux gemstones are made of glass or plastic.

Gems are created in the laboratory primarily because of cost. This is the reason why more synthetic gems are bought more even by average consumers. This is also why jewelry makers can make them bigger and bolder. For most jewelry lovers, the bigger the stone, the better. In the use of this technology, the stone looks as good if not surpassing those found in nature.

When stones are identified as natural and commands a high price, ask for verification from an established laboratory. Or buy only expensive gems from a well trusted store or person.

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