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Liquid or Powder Foundation: What Do You Need

There was a time when liquid foundation was the only option. But, with time, cosmetic innovation has touched another level. Newer types of foundations have started rocking the market.

Usually, people find it difficult to choose the one between a liquid and a powder foundation. Well! Both have their own merits.

So, let’s talk about these two types of foundations. So that next time, when you are about to purchase the best foundation, you do not hesitate about your choice.


Powder Foundation: A Brief

Usually people with normal to oily with sensitive and acne prone skin choose this type of foundation.

Benefits of Powder Foundations

Powder foundations are as light as feathers and thus, these do not bother already-troubled skin. The formulations do not clog the pores nor make the skin greasy.

Usually, no such oils or emollients are used in these foundations. The oil absorbing property makes this foundation one of the best choices for people with problematic skin types.

Is There Any Demerit?

Well! No matter how amazing a product is, there would always be demerits. The major drawback of these types of foundations is that light coverage. So, in order to achieve an even-toned look, you would need to add a concealer.


Liquid Foundation: A Brief

This foundation is actually popularly known as the best friend for people with normal to dry skin. If you want to master a dewy look, then treat this as your best buddy.

The oil based formulations always work like magic for dry skin beauties. But if you need to master the art of applying a foundation if you want to avoid a cakey and clogged-pore look.



Benefits of Liquid Foundations

These foundations can easily fill wrinkles and fine lines. So, skin appears visibly smooth and brighter. In fact, liquid foundations deliver excellent coverage for acne-prone and scarred skin. In order to retain moisture, these foundations are unmatchable. Check out Cosmetics Arena to know more about these foundations.

Is There Any Demerit?

Well! Of course, there is. Liquid foundations are often formulated with mineral oil and other petroleum products that can clog the pores. So, it is pretty important to read the label.

Now when you know about both of these foundations, choose what suits your purpose the best.


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