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What’s an Elysium Ring?

An Elysium Ring is a hoop constructed from real crushed diamonds that happen to be engineered into an extremely strong, scratch-resistant black sound diamond materials. Via this groundbreaking technique, the diamond crystals are fuzed alongside one another below Serious heat and stress and pressed so tightly that light-weight are unable to pass through, giving Elysium its signature black coloration. Why the hype about Elysium? Since its inception, Elysium has become identified being a breakthrough content, surpassing virtually all other materials Beforehand Utilized in jewelry as the most resilient and hypoallergenic.
Fun Reality! Elysium is so biocompatible and hypoallergenic that it has even been utilized throughout the human body to heal spinal cord injuries!

How can be an Elysium Ring Built?

Elysium Black Diamond contains a hardness of ten about the Mohs Hardness Scale, which implies it could only be Slash utilizing a laser, electrical energy, or another diamond. As a result, Each individual Elysium Ring is essentially handcrafted, ensuring which the Elysium materials along with other important metals or diamonds (if relevant) are seamlessly produced to the very best top quality expectations.trufacebygrace
Just about every Elysium Ring is custom made built for its owner; most consider two weeks through the time of purchasing to develop but Elysium Marriage Bands with inlays or personalized Elysium Rings will take nearly 4 months. This delicate course of action means that Each individual Elysium Ring is a single-of-a-variety, marked by its own one of a kind serial amount that can be verified around the Elysium Black Diamond Web page.

Elysium Rings Positives and negatives

Elysium Adult males’s Rings are regarded as the last word in luxury wedding ceremony bands – an icon of standing for its wearer.
An Elysium Ring is incredibly long lasting and scratch resistant – it could possibly only be scratched by another diamond and maintains its finish with out fading. Meaning that your Elysium Ring will glimpse as new on the 1,000th working day of wearing it mainly because it did on the 1st! Its hardness of ten within the Mohs Hardness Scale means it can be 10 periods stronger than Ceramic and four periods more difficult than Tungsten (a material classically regarded as a long lasting selection for wedding day bands).silver fulani earrings

Obtaining Your Elysium Ring at Brilliance

Your Elysium wedding band is made out of diamonds, the hardest material in the world, creating resizing or altering the ring unachievable. Elysium rings are provided which has a just one-time size Trade – keep in mind that the new ring will have a different serial amount.
Elysium is bought by unique merchants like Brilliance in the US, Canada, as well as British isles. Your obtain of the Elysium band includes a constrained-lifetime company warranty versus defects.
The foremost reservation about an Elysium Ring is its cost tag which displays the preciousness of solid diamond substance. You are able to count on to pay for in between $one,500-$8,000 for an Elysium ring depending on the other supplies utilized and the extent of depth. Elysium Black Diamond gives several collections – Ares, Nyx, Kratos, Poseidon, and Zeus – featuring an Elysium Ring solution for almost any price range.

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